Blood Alcohol Concentration Analyzer


Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) Analyzer will analyze the amount of alcohol in blood. It can also distinguish the drinking of inedible alcohol by analyzing Methyl alcohol or alcohol metabolites in blood.

Automatic Injection:

Using a Headspace sampler with the BAC Analyzer, you can analyze upto 40 samples at the same time. Fullly Automated process.

The highest level of Analysis:

This particular instrument comes pre-pepared to perform the task at hand all consummables are included this way you can start your operation immediately.

Key Features of the BAC:


1) The system is fully automated and the data acquisition is fully electronic, so result printing is as easy as 1.2.3

2) Precise results with Advanced Pneumatic Control

3) Foot print is small to utilize more space

4) Analysis are pre conditioned to give you the best results.

Analysis Results: