Amino Acid Analyzer

Amino Acid Analyzer

Amino acid analyzer was developed to facilitate the identify amino acids in protein hydrolysates or in native samples. Two different method for amino acids analysis can be performed.

  1. UV/VIS detection with Ninhydrin reagent. This helps react with both primary and secondary amino Acids
  2. Fluorescence detection with the use of o-phthalaldehyde(OPA) that can give greater sensitivity

Our amino acid analyzer using post-column derivatization method can analyze most of amino acids in protein hydrolysates (protein, collagen, peptides, and foods) as well as in native samples (physiologic fluids, tissue extracts, broths, musts feeds and beverages).

Key Features:

1) Amino Acid Analyzer is fully automated

2) Enables to analyze amino acids automatically without sample preparation.

3) Reproducible results while minimizing errors between operators.

4) You do not requite to prepare reagents and solvents because all necessities are provided.

5) You can easily analyze 40 kinds of primary and secondary amino acids with pre-established analysis methods.

Analysis Application

  1. 2 Kinds of derivatization method
  2. 10 Kinds of Amino Acid Among the amino acid material
  3. 13 Kinds of Amino acid among the amino acid material
  4. 17 Kinds of Amino acid standard sample